James H. Stewart Ph.D., C.I.H., CSP , Harvard School of  Public  Health and Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc.

Jack Dennerlein Ph.D., Safety Sciences, Harvard School of Public Health

Richard Chutoransky MS, CSP Polaroid (Emeritus)

Martin Horowitz M.S. ,C.I.H., CSP, Analog Devices  and Harvard School of Public Health

Frank Labato MPH, C.I.H., CSP, University of Connecticut

Philip Goldsmith CSP, ARM U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency

Nancy McWilliams CSP, ARM, McWilliams Risk Management


Occupational Safety is a complex and challenging field. The practicing professional must be more than familiar with many different disciplines. Many of the disciplines we are required to understand have strong mathematical underpinnings, e.g., safety engineering, mechanics, electrical safety, system safety, noise and radiation protection.

This book covers equations from technical disciplines identified as necessary for the BCSP Examination for CSP. In addition to those equations, another 30+ equations were added because they were identified as being useful to the practicing professional. Therefore, this book should more than meet the needs of the  the certification candidate, students in safety science and the practicing CSP/RSP.

Although the BCSP does not publish equation sheets anymore they do publish exam "blueprints" where expertise of the certification candidate will need to be demonstrated. This book and future books will address the topics in the certification exams for ASP/CSP and aspects of the many other safety certification where knowledge of engineering, economics etc. are required.